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Merenda, breakfast & cakes

“A party without a cake is just a meeting”.
Julia Child


  • Millefeuille with Chantilly Crème and Chocolate Chips
  • Millefeuille with berries
  • Berry Cheesecake
  • American Cheesecake
  • Charlotte with strawberries and custard
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Sacher cake
  • Mimosa Cake (spongy cake with custard)
  • Caprese cake (chocolate and almond flourless cake, gluten free)
  • Tiramisù
  • Torta Paradiso (Italian Paradise Cake)
  • Profiterol*
  • Fruit tart

Cakes prices

  • Take-away cakes: €25/kg
  • Cake "Extra thick" (take-away): €32/kg


It is not possible to bring desserts or drinks from outside.
Payment by cash, credit card, debit card or bank transfer only (no checks)

* Profiterol has the cost of the "Extra thick" cake.

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