Il Necci

Necci is always open. At breakfast, at lunch and also for an aperitif. For dinner, for a late night drink or simply for a coffee in the garden, under the morning sun in front of a book or a newspaper read for hours and hours. Necci is a warm refuge on a gloomy day or a party place in the middle of summer. Necci is all of this. An oasis of calm in a chaotic city.

At Necci we try to do everything with our hands. We try to convey the love for what we do with the obstinate will to create everything from within our "oasis" starting from basic ingredients selected with ethical criteria and sustainability. Not only the dishes of our restaurant but also everything else is done in a traditional way: from bread to pasta, from desserts to biscuits and from croissants to aperitifs. All this thanks to the wisdom and dexterity of passionate people who put it all together to churn out the best for those who choose us every day.

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Necci dal 1924
Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 68


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